The Construction of an Image
Bas Princen

Edited by Vanessa Norwood

Texts by Kersten Geers, Moritz Küng, Geoff Manaugh

Photography has increasingly become content: uploaded, ‘liked’ and swiftly forgotten. The Construction of an Image aims to take the opposite stance and discuss the making of one photograph in detail. Ringroad (Houston), taken by Bas Princen in 2005 and the subject of this book, is an arresting image: an ordinary American office block transformed by Princen’s lens into a glowing golden cube cut by the horizon. Ringroad (Houston) is positioned alongside a series of photographs by Princen and one of his self-made reference books; a compendium of tiny worlds depicting landscapes, architectures, artists and artworks.

November 2016, English
29 x 23 cm, 92 pages, colour ills
ISBN 978-1-907414-38-1
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