Exhibition Prosthetics
Joseph Grigely

Edited by Zak Kyes
Conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist and Zak Kyes.

‘…moving closer to the artwork involves moving away from the artwork — to look closer at fringes and margins and representations, and ask what seems to me a very fundamental question: to what extent are these various exhibition conventions actually part of the art — and not merely an extension of it?’

Exhibition Prosthetics by Joseph Grigely explores the artist’s use of language and images as a means of representation that further the
reach of the real. Grigely uses the term ‘exhibition prosthetics’ to
describe an array of these conventions, particularly (but not exclusively) in relation to exhibition practices. Exhibition Prosthetics is the first in
the Bedford Press Editions series of artist’s books edited by Zak Kyes.
The series will engage with publications as a primary medium of
practice, enabling artists to explore the inherent constraints and possibilities of the printed document.

January 2010
18.5 x 13.6 cm, 64 pages, 28 b/w ill., softcover
Co-published by Sternberg Press and Bedford Press
ISBN 978-1-933128-93-1
Out of print