All Possible Futures
Edited by Jon Sueda

Essays by Rachel Berger, Max Bruinsma, Emmet Byrne & Metahaven, Catherine de Smet, Emily McVarish.

All Possible Futures accompanies an exhibition that explores speculative work created by contemporary graphic designers. The scope of work encompasses everything from self-generated provocations, to experimental work created in parallel with client-based projects, to unique practices where commissions have been tackled with a high level of autonomy and critical investigation. The work highlights different levels of visibility and public-ness within the graphic design process. Some projects were made for clients and exist in a ‘real world’ context, while others might otherwise have gone unnoticed: failed proposals, experiments, sketches, incomplete thoughts.

Featured designers: Åbäke, Bob Aufuldish, Ludovic Balland, Rachel Berger, Peter Bil’ak, Catalogtree, Dexter Sinister, Daniel Eatock, Jaan Evart, Experimental Jetset, Ed Fella, General Working Group, Julian Hagen, Hansje van Halem, Bill Hsu, David Karwan, Mr Keedy, Na Kim, Jürg Lehni, Willem Henri Lucas, LUST, MacFadden and Thorpe, Daniël Maarleveld, Karel Martens, Jeremy Mende, Metahaven, Mevis & van Deursen, Moniker, Lesley Moore, Karl Nawrot & Walter Warton, Radim Peško, Practise, Project Projects, PSY/OPS, ResearchCenteredDesign, Joel Stillman, Sulki and Min, Martin Venezky, Volume Inc, Zak Group.

February 2014, English
19.5 x 12.5 cm, 112 pages, 1 colour with colour ills
ISBN 978-1-907414-35-0
Nine cover variants
Out of print